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PVDF in Environment Protection

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Compared with the traditional way of water treatment, the process of water treatment membrane has lower cost higher separation accuracy, and less secondary pollution to the environment. Therefore, it has good practicability in the fields of sewage, wastewater treatment and reuse, and water supply purification.

Our PVDF products owns excellent mechanical properties, chemical properties and processability, which can increase the service life of the membrane and high efficiency and energy saving at the same time, and also provide abundant raw materials for water treatment. It has a positive impact on the rational use of water resources and environmental protection.

Environmental protection industry

What We Provide

Product supply

We supply high quality PVDF products to meet the various needs of our customers in environmental protection industry. Under strict quality control and testing, our products can reach international standards with their high performance and reliability.

Technical support

With abundant knowledge and experience of PVDF technology and its applications, Our team specialize in providing technical support to our customers. We are willing to help customers select the proper PVDF product for their specific application, and offer related technical advice and recommendations.

Supply chain management

We have a well-developed supply chain management system to ensure timely delivery of PVDF products. We work with reliable logistics partners to ensure on-time delivery of products to our customers' production sites.

After-sales service

We are committed to providing customers with perfect after-sales service. Whether it is a technical problem or quality problem of the product, we will give positive feedback and provide customers with satisfactory solutions.

Environmental protection industry

PVDF Applications in Environmental Protection

Membrane for Water Treatment

PVDF has good chemical stability, thermal stability and mechanical strength, can dissolve in a variety of solvents, and in the preparation of flat, hollow fiber or tubular membrane shows good processing performance, is currently used as one of the most widely used membrane materials.

Environmental protection

FLUORINE's Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)

Suitable for the Application of Water Treatment Membrane

Zheflon® FL2007 is a medium-low melt viscosity grade PVDF homopolymer. It has high purity, excellent chemical stability for most active substances and solvents; excellent mechanical strength and toughness; high abrasion resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance; low permeability to most gases and liquids, easy to pass Standard extrusion process for melt processing.

PVDF Applications

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