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PVDF Molding Grade

PVDF Molding Grade


PVDF Molding Grade

Molding grade PVDF refers to PVDF that is specifically formulated for the molding process. It is a high-performance thermoplastic material known for its excellent chemical resistance, thermal stability, and mechanical properties. 
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PVDF Molding Grade

Zheflon® PVDF 2013- Molding GradeZheflon® PVDF 2013- Molding GradeFL2013It is high viscosity grade which is suitable for the application of electronic OK lines, monofilament and etc.
Zheflon ® PVDF for Molding Grade Product Features
Good chemical resistance
PVDF have excellent corrosion resistance to a wide range of chemicals and can be used stably for a long time in harsh chemical environments.
Excellent high temperature resistance
PVDF can maintain stability in high temperature environment, suitable for high temperature system sealing.
Outstanding gas tightness
PVDF itself has good gas tightness, which can ensure that the OK line effectively seals out gases in the sealing work.
Weathering and aging resistance
PVDF has excellent weathering resistance and can be used outdoors or in harsh climatic conditions for a long time without being affected.
Weather resistance
PVDF demonstrates good weather resistance, enabling it to withstand the impact of UV radiation, oxidation, and other environmental factors. This allows it to maintain stability and performance under various climate conditions.
Excellent Mechanical Properties
PVDF has high strength and hardness, which makes the OK wire able to withstand certain mechanical stress.
Zheflon ® PVDF for Molding Grade Applications
Application for OK Line

Molding grade PVDF material as the choice for making OK wire can meet the high demands for airtightness, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, and weather resistance, making it a high quality sealing line.

Zheflon ® PVDF for Molding Grade FAQ
Which molding processes can be used with molding grade PVDF?
Molding grade PVDF is compatible with injection molding, compression molding, and other molding techniques. Each process is chosen based on the complexity of the part and the desired properties.
What does molding grade PVDF look like?
Molding grade PVDF usually presents a semi-crystalline material with a white or cream color. It is supplied in the form of granules, powders, etc., depending on manufacturing requirements. The material is usually opaque, but can be modulated to be translucent or transparent in nature.
What products can molding grade PVDF be used for?
Molding grade PVDF is mainly used to make OK wire and electronic wire.
Is molding grade PVDF environmentally friendly?
PVDF is generally considered an environmentally friendly material due to its low emissions and recyclability. However, the availability of recycling facilities may vary depending on the region.
How do I select the right PVDF for my application?
Selecting the right grade PVDF involves considering factors such as temperature requirements, chemical exposure, mechanical properties, and industry standards. Please contact us for more information about selecting the appropriate grade for your needs.

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