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Improve the durability, performance and efficiency of fishing gear and fisheries equipment, as well as reducing resource consumption at the same time.

The application of PVDF in the fisheries sector can improve the durability, performance and effectiveness of fishing gear and fisheries equipment, increasing the success rate of fishing and the productivity of the fisheries industry. Also, due to the durability and environmental friendliness of PVDF materials, the frequency of gear and equipment replacement can be reduced, thus reducing resource consumption and environmental impact and positively impacting the sustainable development of the fishing industry.

Fishery Application

What We Provide

Product supply

Provide high quality PVDF raw materials to meet the needs of fishing tackle manufacturers. Ensure the stability and reliability of products to ensure the quality and performance of fishing gear.

Technical support

Provide technical guidance and advisory services on PVDF materials, including advice on material properties, processing techniques, usage methods, etc. Help fishing gear manufacturers to select the right PVDF material for their products and provide related technical support.

Quality control

Ensure that the PVDF products supplied meet quality standards and specification requirements. Through strict quality control processes, including raw material inspection, production process monitoring and final product testing, we ensure that the PVDF materials supplied to fishing tackle manufacturers meet high quality standards.

After-sales service

After-sales technical support and consultancy services are provided to solve the problems and confusion of fishing tackle manufacturers in the process of using PVDF materials. Respond to customer needs in a timely manner and provide technical guidance and solutions to ensure customer satisfaction and trust.

Fishery Application

PVDF Applications in Fishery Industry

Fishing Line

Fishing line made of PVDF has a very high refractive index. It is similar to water, so fish have less visibility of that. And PVDF has high wear resistance, weather resistance and aging resistance, which can extend the service life of fishing line.

Application Products

FLUORINE's Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)

FL2005|Zheflon®PVDF|Suitable for the Application of Fishing Line

Zheflon® FL2005 is a medium melt viscosity grade PVDF homopolymer. It has high purity, excellent chemical stability for most active substances and solvents; excellent mechanical strength and toughness; high abrasion resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance; low permeability to most gases and liquids, easy to pass Standard extrusion and compression melt processing.

PVDF Applications

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