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Interview with CPPCC member and Chairman of Zhejiang Flurine Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd. Miao Guoxiang

Interview with CPPCC member and Chairman of Zhejiang Flurine Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd. Miao Guoxiang

Apr 23,2019
Talents, especially high-end talents, should be the focus of most companies. I am looking forward to the content of talents in this government work report..." The "two sessions" are convening soon, the reporter yesterday in Zhejiang Flurine Chemical New Materials Limited The company interviewed Miao Guoxiang, the chairman of the company. He opened the door and talked about the expectations of the "two sessions."

As the founder and manager of a new material chemical company, Miao Guoxiang has the hard work spirit of most entrepreneurs. He told reporters that he had to go out on business before the "two sessions" in the afternoon. Time is better to participate in the meeting, on the other hand, it is also for the company's year-end sprint, laying the foundation for next year's development.

According to Miao Guoxiang, the Zhejiang Flurine Chemical New Material Co., Ltd. he founded has been established for more than 10 years. He is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of new fluorine-containing new materials and fluoropolymers. More than 70% of its products are used. New energy products such as power vehicles, with the accelerated pace of new energy development in recent years, the business benefits of Flurine have also turned over again, and sales have increased by more than 30% year by year.

"The development of our company is inseparable from the support and help of the government. Therefore, I also hope that the performance of the CPPCC members' participation in the administration of state affairs will contribute to the development of the city," Miao Guoxiang told reporters. Eight years ago, the company moved into Hangzhou Bay Economic Technology. After the development zone, the high-standard hardware facilities and supporting services of the entire development zone were felt. From policy consultation and environmental protection to safe production, the development zone management committee provided a safe, green and comprehensive development platform for the enterprise.

Miao Guoxiang said that after the first session of the CPPCC National Committee last year, he became a member of the CPPCC for the first time. After one year of committee activities, he had a better understanding of government policies, and also had many ideas for the development of the green chemical industry. .

"Not long ago, at an event organized by the CPPCC, the head of Zhang Zhuangxiong introduced us to the work of the whole region in the past year and the work plan for 2018. This should be the prototype of the government work report. Among them, I am most concerned about the talent introduction strategy. I am very much looking forward to the implementation of these policies..." Miao Guoxiang believes that for companies such as emerging materials, the introduction of high-end talent is a particularly worthy subject, and the government insists on using talent as a strategic resource for regional development. The idea of ​​"grasping" coincides.

Miao Guoxiang told reporters that this year's own proposal revolves around the traffic situation of the border road. He hopes to ease the traffic stagnation in the morning and evening peaks of the border road through government coordination, improve the dining environment of the breakfast booth along the road, and further develop the town. Create a better traffic environment.

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