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Fluorine Team Attended 15th CIBF(China International Battery Fair)

Fluorine Team Attended 15th CIBF(China International Battery Fair)

Aug 1,2023

Zhejiang Fluorine Chemical New Material Co.Ltd attended 15th CIBF(China International Battery Fair) to show the leading solutions of PVDF binder in Shenzhen, China during May 16~18,2023

Fluorine, as a professional manufacturer of specialized PVDF for lithium battery grade, attended the 15th China International Battery Fair, which was held in Shenzhen in May. Our company attracted the great attention of visitors with its excellent technology and leading products in the field of lithium battery binder.

At the exhibition, our company showed its latest production of PVDF binder solutions, which have excellent performance and can be widely used in lithium battery production. Our PVDF binder has excellent bond strength, high temperature resistance and chemical resistance, providing a reliable bonding solution for lithium battery production.

During the exhibition, our technical team actively communicated and cooperated with customers, providing them with personalized solutions and professional advice. Many industry-leading lithium battery manufacturers showed great interest in Fluorine's PVDF binder and expressed their willingness to establish cooperative relationships with the company.

As a company committed to innovation, Fluorine continuously invests in R&D and technological innovation to meet the market demands. The exhibition is an important platform for the company to communicate and share with industry colleagues, as well as an excellent opportunity to show the company's technical strengths and product advantages.

Fluorine will continuously improve the quality of our products and technology which provides better products and services of PVDF for global lithium battery manufacturers.

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