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What are the properties of Fluoroelastomers (FKM)

What are the properties of Fluoroelastomers (FKM)

Update Time:2020/4/16
What are the Properties of Fluoroelastomer (FKM)?

· Fluoroelastomers have excellent resistance to chemical attack by oxidation, by acids and by fuels.

· They also have good oil resistance.

· They have limited resistance to steam, methanol, hot water, and other highly polar fluids.

· The outstanding heat stability and excellent oil resistance are due to the high ratio of fluorine to hydrogen, 

    the strength of the carbon-fluorine bond, and the absence of unsaturation.

· The latest FKM polymers have a much broader fluids resistance profile than standard fluoroelastomers.

· They are able to withstand strong bases and ketones as well as aromatic hydrocarbons, oils, acids, and steam.

· Peroxide cured fluoroelastomers have inherently better water, steam, and acid resistance.

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