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Polyvinylidene Fluoride Industry Market Development and Forecast of China

Polyvinylidene Fluoride Industry Market Development and Forecast of China

Apr 20,2019

According to the “China Polyvinylidene Fluoride Market Research and Investment Strategy Report (2018 Edition)” published by Limu Information Consulting, it has been shown that polyvinylidene fluoride has attracted attention since its first successful synthesis in 1948. In 1961, Pennwalt Company of the United States first introduced polyvinylidene fluoride resin under the brand name Kynar, and then France, Japan, Belgium, the former Soviet Union, and Germany all had their own production plants. At present, the major manufacturers of polyvinylidene fluoride in the world include Arkema Chemical Company of France, Solvay Company of Belgium, 3M Company of the United States, Osmont Company of USA and Atofina, Japan Wu Yu and Daikin.

At present, the proportion of domestic polyvinylidene fluoride structure is seriously dysfunctional, mainly based on low-end applications, concentrated in architectural coatings and chemical equipment applications, accounting for 80% of the domestic polyvinylidene fluoride market. High-end polyvinylidene fluoride is an indispensable key material for cutting-edge defense military such as missiles and satellites. It is also increasingly used in emerging civilian fields. The demand for high-end polyvinylidene fluoride in the domestic market is growing rapidly. However, the production of high-end polyvinylidene fluoride products is still blank in China, and the products are monopolized by international brands, mainly relying on imports.

Although the future market demand for photovoltaic industry, new energy industry and new materials industry has great growth potential, the short-term market is still in the market cultivation period. Domestic polyvinylidene fluoride products are still concentrated in the field of fluorocarbon coatings and fluororesins, and lithium battery binders will become the fastest growing products.

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