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The future of the Fluorine Chemical Industry

The future of the Fluorine Chemical Industry

May 11,2019

Since the industrialization of the fluorine chemical industry in the 1930s, it has become an important industry with rapid development due to its excellent product performance, variety, application field and remarkable benefits. The products are widely used in construction, automotive, electronic appliances, aerospace, defense, medical and medical industries, and its application range is expanding into a wider and deeper field with the advancement of science and technology.

Fluorine Chemical is an industry with special resource advantages in China. The resource base of fluorine chemical industry is fluorite, which is a world-class scarce resource similar to rare earth. China is the world's largest fluorite resource and has the special resource advantage of developing fluorine chemical industry.

At present, the production of hydrofluoric acid is mainly prepared by reacting fluorite with sulfuric acid. About half of the world's fluorite is used for the production of hydrofluoric acid. At present, China has proven that fluorite reserves are about 130 million tons, ranking first in the world and relatively concentrated. China's hydrofluoric acid industry is relying on abundant fluorite resources to occupy an important position in the world. With the increasing supply of fluorite resources, Solvay, Arkema, Stella, Morita Chemical and Daikin, as well as INEOS and other fluorine chemical giants have turned the production of hydrofluoric acid to China and successively invested in a hydrofluoric acid plant in China.

Due to the country's new project restrictions on a single set of 10,000 tons/year hydrogen fluoride production plant (excluding self-use and electronic high-purity hydrogen fluoride) and the scale of economics, the number of domestic hydrofluoric acid production enterprises with a capacity of over 10,000 tons has reached more than 75%.

However, industry concentration is still low. With the recovery of the electronics industry, the global demand for electronic grade hydrofluoric acid is growing at a faster rate. At present, domestic hydrofluoric acid production capacity is still far from meeting market demand. In the future, the domestic market needs some imports to meet.

China's fluorine chemical industry has reached or approached the international advanced level in the fields of hydrofluoric acid, fluoride salt, HCFC, HFC and fluorine-containing intermediates. However, the performance of fluoropolymer products is far from the international advanced level. The export unit price is only half of the unit price of the import, and high-quality fluoropolymers still rely heavily on imports.

While, at present, the lithium-battery grade PVDF independently developed by our company has already demonstrated the high performance which is same as imported products in the terminal market. In the future, our company will play a leading role in the lithium battery market.


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